Netflix Yourself


This toolkit was built for editors working on the Netflix is a Joke show, "Netflix Yourself". It allows editors to update the motion graphics for every episode entirely in Premiere, without ever opening After Effects. By including features that allow resizing and repositioning elements dynamically, Editors are empowered to directly edit graphics & text—the core animation stays intact.

The toolkit is designed for multiple aspect ratios and final delivery across different social channels and formats.





Toolkit Features

Multi-Aspect Ratios

Aspect Ratio dropdowns allow Editors to select 16X9, 9X16, and 1X1 formats.

Media Replacement

Replace all of the thumbnails at once—within Premiere Pro.

Auto-resizing Text Elements

The toolkit has live text and expression-driven animations.

How It Works

Controls are standardized and clearly organized within the Essential Graphics Panel, allowing Editors to edit the timing, layout, text, colors, logos and footage in seconds.

Each MOGRT contains breakpoints for 16X9, 9X16, and 1X1 Aspect Ratios. Change resolution for instant social media versioning—all Essential Graphics edits are maintained.

Editors are empowered to make creative graphics decisions while built-in guardrails ensure cohesive Art Direction and consistency.

In turn, the Graphics Department is freed from tedious versioning and last-minute graphics change requests.


Extra elements like Lower Thirds, Callouts, and Overlays.

The rollover rig reacts to the cursor, like you'd find on the Netflix website.